LCAMP partners, Knowledge Innovation Centre and DHBW are co-organising the International Micro-credentials Summit on 20-24 March 2023 in Castelldefels, Barcelona (Spain).  

The International Micro-Credentials Summit will be an international gathering of thought leaders, practitioners, innovators and policymakers working to improve the flexibility and responsiveness of educational systems. It will lay out a vision around empowerment of individuals to create new learning and career pathways while at the same time unlocking the potential of our economies to transform to meet unprecedented social, economic and environmental challenges. Inspired by the success of its last edition – the MicroHE MasterClass – the Summit will build on the European Union Council Recommendation on Micro-Credentials, finding ways to use this legislative basis as an instrument to accelerate adoption, acceptance and recognition of short-form education across the continent and beyond.


LCAMP and Micro-credentials

As there is a need to develop a micro-credentials system to integrate training courses into upskilling programs, also in Advanced Manufacturing, LCAMP activities include to:

  • Provide a sector-specific datasets of trainings, courses and micro credentials for different career pathways
  • Establish clearing house for micro-credentials and trainings based on Micro-Credential EU Standards
  • Develop and provide micro- credentials for new and existing Industry 4.0 specific qualifications in Advanced Manufacturing.

This information will be available in the future LCAMP Platform.

LCAMP partners, AFM Advanced Manufacturing Technologies, will be organising the 23rd edition of “the Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool Congress” from 25 to 28 October 2023 in San Sebastian (Spain).

The Congress will feature technical presentations related to the most interesting and topical issues in the field of advanced and digital manufacturing and will be an excellent forum to establish connections and collaborations among participants.

The call for abstracts is open until the 28th February: submit your paper!

More information

On 8 December 2022, the Transfo Digitale Day was held at La Cité in Toulouse (France), a series of conferences and roundtables, both in person and online, on digital transformation for business. Hervé Danton (Mecanic Vallée, partner) presented the LCAMP project, and underlined the role that this future platform could play for Advanced Manufacturing in Europe.”

The Transfo Digitale Day, organised by the Economic Development Agency in Occitania, Digital 113, with the collaboration of Aerospace Valley and Mechanic Vallée, brought together more than 200 professionals. This 5th edition was dedicated to the aeronautical and mechanical industries.

Hervé Danton, delegate of Mecanic Vallée, took part in one of the sessions focused on digital technology in the industry, and in a roundtable devoted to the possible and necessary solutions to help the industry become digital.

In the roundtable, Hervé Danton presented the European LCAMP project that Mecanic Vallée is a member of the consortium, together with CMQE and 18 other partners from  10 countries, of which 9 are educational organisations, 7 are industrial companies and 4 are VET and industrial associations.  The aim of this project is to build a database on Industry 4.0, its professions, training, technological trends and the necessary skills. This project will allow easier access to information related to advanced manufacturing and will encourage its development. Hervé Danton underlined the role that this future platform could play for Advanced Manufacturing in Europe.

Mikel Ayani is the founder and CEO of Simumatik, LCAMP partner. He founded Simumatik in 2019 with the idea of creating an innovative and open platform to create emulation models. Their goal is to make this technology accessible to everyone, making it easy to use and flexible, and try to democratize its use. We love to help our industrial and educational customers in their journey to becoming more digitized and sustainable organizations.

Mikel Ayani has a MsC in Automation Engineering and worked over 20 years in the industry, mainly programming PLCs and control systems, but also as a teacher in higher education.

“My passion since I was a kid has always been programming, and I really liked simulation video games and software. “

He founded Simumatik in 2019 with the idea of creating an innovative and open platform to create emulation models (some kind of digital twins). Our goal is to make this technology accessible to everyone, making it easy to use and flexible, and try to democratize its use. We love to help our industrial and educational customers in their journey to become more digitized and sustainable organization.

Industry main challenges

When we talk to the industry, but even educational institutions, the main challenges we are seeing are related to human resources and lack of knowledge, mainly in some trending technologies, like DTs, AI, robotics, etc. The technology is ready, but with the boom of I4.0, companies do not have enough human resources to test and implement these technologies in their organizations. It is also very difficult to hire professionals with these skills.

Simumatik and educational market

In Simumatik, they want to help teachers to introduce the technology and skills their students will need in the future. They do it together, so their program and courses are aligned with the needs in the industry, while we allow students and teachers to work more efficiently and sustainably.

LCAMP involvement

For Simumatik, as LCAMP projects partners, we feel we can really make a difference, learn a lot, but also contribute so we can develop educational content to ensure the technicians of the future will be ready to offer what the industry is expecting from them.

I, as founder of  Simumatik, believe that the real industrial transformation is not coming from the industry itself, but from the new technicians and the new skills they can bring.

Meet LCAMP partners

About “People in focus”

In this section, we put forward the human-centric approach to the LCAMP project. Through talks with industry representatives, learners, teachers & trainers, academics & researchers and public authorities – local, regional and European levels-, we will discuss the Advanced Manufacturing sector’s future from their perspectives.

On 14 December 2022, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships organises an online discussion to shine a light on campaigns and different instruments used to involve SMEs in apprenticeship programmes across Europe. 

Key-questions that could be addressed include:

  • At national and regional levels, what are the most effective campaigns and instruments to promote apprenticeships among SMEs?
  • What are the best ways to communicate with SMEs, in view of promoting apprenticeships?
  • How can SMEs be supported and incentivised to take up apprenticeships, and to what extent are their needs different than those of larger companies?
  • What challenges and barriers do SMEs face when participating in apprenticeship schemes? Examples may include financial obstacles, an unfavourable business environment, and bureaucracy.
  • What role can SMEs using apprenticeships play in promoting this type of dual work-based learning?
  • What experiences do SMEs have from working with apprenticeships, and how are these predicted to develop in the coming years?

Speakers and moderator

The event moderator will be Ana Carrero YuberoDeputy Head of Unit – Vocational Education and Training. DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion – European Commission 

Introductory speaker: Simon Broek, senior expert in vocational education and training (VET) and adult learning, and director of Ockham IPS.

The panel will be made up by representatives from SMEs and regional and national VET-representatives.

  • Miriana Bucalossi, Tuscany Region. Head of Apprenticeship, WBL Policies and EU Project Management Unit, IT
  • Paula Zaplana, Technical policy officer in European Projects, PIMEC (Catalan Small and Medium Business Association), Spain
  • Sergio Corridori, Head of HR department, Cantine Mazzei
  • Valentina Guerra, Social Affairs and Training Policy Adviser, SMEUnited


The European Alliance for Apprenticeships (EAfA) unites governments and key stakeholders with the aim of strengthening the quality, supply and overall image of apprenticeships across Europe, while also promoting the mobility of apprentices. These aims are promoted through national commitments and voluntary pledges from stakeholders.

San Sebastian (Basque Country, ES) – 15 to 16 November 2022

With the aim of supporting the EU in its initiative on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVEs) and in its VET strategy in general, the European Commission and the Basque Government, with the support of the European Training Foundation (ETF), Cedefop and EACEA, as well as the Community of Practice on CoVEs, and Katapult, will hold an international meeting in San Sebastian, Autonomous Community of the Basque Country, from 15 to 16 November 2022. The Forum will be held at the TABAKALERA International centre for contemporary culture. It will include the participation of the partners of ongoing CoVE projects, such as LCAMP, as well as other European centres currently developing or intending to develop initiatives on vocational excellence, and forming part of wider European networks.

The event aims to mobilise the participation of different VET centres and relevant stakeholders, to reach the European target of establishing at least 100 networks of vocational excellence by 2027.


Interreg Europe is organising an event entitled: “Industry 5.0: From theory to practice” on 22 September 2022. The webinar will be focusing on Industry 5.0, a concept introduced by the European Commission. The Industry 5.0 complements the Industry 4.0, focusing on the current economic and societal challenges, such as climate change or the collapse of […]