LCAMP platform for Advanced Manufacturing aims to be a digital one-stop-shop for accessing all services, data and information produced during the life’s project:

  • a skills and jobs observatory

    on Advanced Manufacturing tendencies from a VET perspective

    Built on the best practices from existing Advanced Manufacturing platforms and observatories, the observatory will filter and analyse relevant information, providing a high-value report to Vocational Education and Training stakeholders.

  • an open innovation community

    of best practices to articulate applied research actions

    We will establish an Open Innovation Community to promote applied research and development projects, mainly between Centres of Vocational Excellence and Small and Medium Enterprises.

  • learner-centric training

    for advanced manufacturing

    We will launch new and revise existing micro-credentials & programmes, create a skills assessment tool, launch a course database and created integrated learning pathways tool for lifelong learners.

  • collaborative learning factories

    This includes the creation of a 4-day intensive training event on specific QA techniques and methodologies. The face to face training will make heavy use of simulation techniques to model an institutional environment.

  • SME – VET connection

    we will build on ADMA (Advanced Manufacturing Support for SMEs) to accelerate the delivery of training on advanced manufacturing for SMEs by linking digital transformation journeys on SMEs with training delivery from VET centres.

Cooperation with key stakeholders

  • LCAMP- Learner Centric Advanced Manufacturing CoVEs Alliance

    A network of VET centres and companies from the AM sector that will assure the sustainability of the platform in the form of a Skills Alliance

    LCAMP Alliance will sign agreements of cooperation with other networks and organisations (regional authorities, national VET/HVET centres, learning factories, SMEs active in AM, employer associations etc.)

  • ADMA TranS4MErs collaboration

    Connection with the EU initiative ADMA TranS4MErs to support SMEs to accelerate their digital transformations.

    LCAMP adopts its methodology and joins forces to deliver advanced training for SMEs.