The LCAMP platform centres around six activities:

  1. LCAMP Alliance
  2. Skills and Jobs Observatory
  3. Open Innovation Community
  4. Learner-Centric Training
  5. Collaborative Learning Factories (CLFs)
  6. SME-VET Connection


Progress is underway for LCAMP to deliver key learner-centric services to Advanced Manufacturing students, providers, SMEs, the industry, and regional and local authorities. Discover the progress of the activities below.

Skills and Job Observatory

Built on the best practices from existing Advanced Manufacturing platforms and observatories, the observatory will filter and analyse relevant information, providing a high-value report to

Open Innovation Community

The Open Innovation Community aims to promote applied research and development projects, mainly between Centres of Vocational Excellence and Small and Medium Enterprises.

Work in progress

Learner-Centric Training

We will launch new and revise existing micro-credentials and programmes, create a skills assessment tool, launch a course database, and create an integrated learning pathways

Work in progress

Collaborative Learning Factories

The Collaborative Learning Factory (CLF) is a concept that brings together the principles of collaborative learning and the structure of a factory-like environment to enhance

Work in progress

SME – VET Connection

We will build on Advanced Manufacturing Support for SMEs to accelerate the delivery of training on advanced manufacturing for SMEs by linking digital transformation journeys

Work in progress

LCAMP Alliance

The LCAMP Alliance is a collaborative network for organisations involved in Advanced Manufacturing and Vocational Education and Training (VET). Its goal is to address challenges