Let’s talk with… Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Rupp (DHBW-Heidenheim Professor)

Prof. Dr.-Ing Klaus-Dieter Rupp is a professor of industrial engineering since the year 2000 with a bachelor’s degree. Awarded the Baden-Württemberg German State Teaching Prize 2011. In addition, for 10 years he was a professor in the Integrated Engineering master’s program and scientific director at the Graduate School Ostwuerttemberg. With a focus on automation and robotics. He is heavily involved in Research Programs and the strategic development of our study programs.

New skills to support students

DHBW-Heidenheim is working to adapt the curricula to new competencies/skills/courses to support students meet the needs of the AM industry. In particular, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus-Dieter Rupp believes they had to move away from teaching technical competence to imparting methodological competence and overarching competencies. In his opinion, Advanced Manufacturing needs to be experienced and not just taught. He explains that they need new forms of teaching that initially appear to be very complex. He stresses that this development can be spread over many shoulders in cooperation with the partners.

Students need some basic skills to install and manage software systems. You need the ability to cope with changing conditions and adapt to change. Analysing and evaluating systems to develop solutions for them. Specifically, we developed new modules: networked systems, data science, IoT, software engineering and the technology seminar.

Going one step further in the AM future curricula

DHBW-Heidenheim is one of the partners of the LCAMP project, therefore he considers that the LCAMP project can help Research Centres and Universities to describe the required capabilities for future applications. He refers for instance to the concept of the collaborative learning factory which is a platform for imparting future skills. “Connected to the network, which also allows us to expand internationalization, we have new opportunities for further development. In cooperation with the partners, a lively exchange can take place”, he explains.

LCAMP involvement

The EU projects help Research Centres and Universities such as DHBW-Heidenheim develop their maturity level in teaching current and future skills.

Through standardization, LCAMP will help reduce the effort involved in running sophisticated modules. We will achieve many outcomes for our international programs and help us meet the needs of the labour market. Last but not least, we can offer attractive study programs for our students.

Meet LCAMP partners

About “People in focus”

In this section, we put forward the human-centric approach to the LCAMP project. Through talks with industry representatives, learners, teachers & trainers, academics & researchers and public authorities – local, regional and European levels-, we will discuss the Advanced Manufacturing sector’s future from their perspectives.