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Project coordinator

TKNIKA is the Basque Vocational Education and Training (VET) Centre, promoted by the Deputy Ministry of Vocational Education and Training of the Education Department of the Basque Government. Through networking and direct involvement by the Basque VET teaching staff, the Centre develops innovative projects in the areas of technology, education and management.

Iñigo Araiztegui

Director of International Dep

Unai Ziarsolo

Manager International Department

Susana Espilla

Project Manager International Department (TKNIKA / Miguel Altuna)

Eli Arrona

Staff management, training and communication


Miguel Altuna LHII is a Joint State High Vocational Education and Training Center (HVET) in the Basque Country. The academic programmes offered at Miguel Altuna are addressed to students to be employed in the AM-related Sectors. A wide range of technological offers is available at Miguel Altuna, updated to the current needs of the industry, with cutting-edge technology, including the integration of Cyber Physical Systems, digitalized shopfloors and labs, and other Industry 4.0 related pieces of equipment.

Liher Errasti

Teacher at smart manufacturing programs

Josu Etcheverry

Teacher of the Electrical department

Irati Zabaleta

Teacher of the Mechanical department

The Spanish Advanced Manufacturing Cluster comprises: the Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools (representing 90% of machine tool and advanced manufacturing technology companies in Spain), the association for industrial 3D printing and Additive Manufacturing, the association for metal cutting, forming and machining companies and the association for start-ups and new technology-based companies supporting the Advanced Manufacturing Industry. AFM comprises more than 450 companies plus 70 partners, represents more than 16.500 direct employees and a turnover more than 3.000 million €. AFM provides different services: International Promotion (Trade Shows, Missions, and Events), Technology, Industrial Safety, Environmental Issues, Quality Management, Fostering Cooperation, Institutional Relations, Training and Education, Studies and Statistics, Advice, Marketing and Communication.

An active player in the European R&D&I ecosystem, INVEMA has participated in FP7 and Horizon programmes, has collaborated with major R&D centres (Fraunhofer, IMR, Polimi, Sirris, RISE, Profactor , SVUM, etc.). INVEMA belongs to CECIMO, the European Committee for Cooperation in the Machine Tool Industry. INVEMA promotes cooperation between international technology companies and networks through the organization of “Technical Missions”. Besides, INVEMA organizes various events related to technology transfer: congresses, seminars on BIEMH congresses, technical seminars and Webinars along the year. INVEMA has a deep knowledge of the main manufacturing actors.

Josu Riezu

Researcher (AFM)

Leire Solaberrieta


DHBW is a Cooperative State University, a higher education institution. Throughout its nine locations and three campuses, the university offers a broad range of undergraduate study programmes in the field of Business, Engineering, and Social Work. With around 34,000 enrolled students, over 9,000 partner companies and more than 125,000 graduates, the DHBW counts as one of the largest HE institutions in the German Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg. DHBW has a vast amount of knowledge and experience in dual studies, and higher education policy and management more generally.

Prof. Dr- Klaus-Dieter Rupp

Raimund Hudak

Senior Researcher and Lecturer

Lea Schmitt

Junior Researcher

FORCAM is one of the world’s leading solution providers in the field of manufacturing control and optimization. More than 15 years ago, FORCAM brought the first Manufacturing Execution System (MES) to market maturity and has consistently developed since then. The MES is used by many companies. With the further development of the MES into an IIoT platform, a wide range of industries can now benefit from flexible machine connectivity and data analysis.

Dr. Alexander Schließmann,

Lead Value Engineer

Dr. Daniel Metz

Head of Development

Domink Amann

Lead Product Architecture

CMQE brings together networks of secondary and higher education establishments, initial training centres (schools and apprenticeships) and continuing vocational training centres from the Lot and Aveyron (France) working in the field of activity linked to Industry 4.0. The mission of the Campus is to provide solutions to the recruitment issues faced by the mechanical industries in the area, in terms of human resources and skills.

Nathalie Lavaurs

Operational director

Mecanic Valley is a cluster of manufacturers and interregional network of prime manufacturers and subcontractors in the mechanical sector, on 3 major topics: aeronautics, spare parts for automotive, and machines tools. Founded and recognized as Cluster since 1998, once again One of the Best among French Clusters in 2010, “Mecanic Vallée” counted in 2021, 200 members, namely 160 companies and 40 organisms working on economic development or training (technological institutes, professional high school).

Hervé Danton

General Manager

Camille Esquerre

Projects Chief

Da Vinci College is a regional VET College offering a great variety of secondary vocational courses in various branches together with (in)-company training and education for adults.The Sustainability Factory is situated on the Da Vinci College campus in Dordrecht, joining forces of business, education and local authorities. It is a special building, unique in Europe, where there is an innovative approach to sustainable education in collaboration with business and industry.

Daniel Wortel


Timon Jongkind

Innovation Manager

The Knowledge Innovation Centre (KIC) is a niche research and consultancy organisation with a mission to transform the ways we learn and work to give the opportunity to every person to reach their full potential. We take a systemic approach to change, focusing on improving education & skills policies and practices globally, via cooperation with governments, international organisations, universities and civil society. KIC is a global leader in the field of digital and micro-credentialing. The company was instrumental in the formulation of the European Union (EU) Approach to micro-credentials and designed the European Digital Credentials Infrastructure.

Anthony Camilleri


Ildiko Mazar

Research and Development Associate

Carmen L. Padrón-Nápoles

Senior Researcher

Justin Fenech

Senior Researcher

MADE is one of the Italian Competence Centers, acknowledged by Industria 4.0 National Plan. It aims at providing a test and demonstration environment for Industry 4.0 in Italy. The MADE mission is to lead digital and sustainable transformation of companies applying oriented research and transfer of Industry 4.0 as well as to create an ecosystem. MADE provides a set of knowledge, methods, and technical and managerial skills on digital technologies to support companies in their digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. The large demo center of over 2000 m2 provides an I4.0 – based pilot production facility for a pioneering test, demonstration and development project realization. MADE is deploying Teaching Factory providers as a real-life environment for students and research engineers to develop their skills and comprehend the challenges involved in everyday industrial practical methodologies to support reskilling existing forces and upskilling new jobs.

Valentina Nucera

Head of Orientation and Training

Maria Rossetti

Project Manager

AFIL is an Italian private non-profit association, recognized by Lombardy Region as the regional technological cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. AFIL is the outcome of a Lombardy-Region-led, process aiming to set up a network of clusters interested in carrying out, at the national and at the international level, an integrated and sustainable system of infrastructures, competencies and methodologies supporting research and innovation. It represents a network of companies, universities, public or private research institutions and entities (including financial ones) operating in the field of the intelligent factory (Advanced Manufacturing). AFIL operates as the private part of a public-private network with Regione Lombardia dedicated to advanced manufacturing and its members are located in different territorial areas and focused on specific application fields. The cluster aims at promoting and facilitating research and innovation as regards to best practices and enabling technologies for the manufacturing sector in order to support and develop the Lombard production system’s leadership and competitiveness.

Samuel Nazzareno Monaco

Senior Project Manager

Eda Ipek

Junior Project Manager

EARLALL is a Brussels-based network of regions aiming to contribute to EU policy-making and cooperate in projects in the field of lifelong learning. It was established in 2001 under the initiative of regional governments willing to build a solid cooperation in the field of lifelong learning. Based on the unique strengths of every region and local authority, EARLALL facilitates regional collaborations and partnerships, as well as an open and rapid exchange of knowledge in a context of trust and confidence.

Noelia Cantero


Alicia Gabán Barrio

Communications & Projects Manager

Charlottte Ede

Communications & Projects Assistant

A public body supervising educational institutions and schools on behalf of the Ministry of National Education in charge of all activities related to education and 72 VET centres. It supports principals, teachers and other staff with a variety of in-service courses. It collaborates and co-operates with the other directorates and institutions in Kocaeli, on many National and International projects. In Kocaeli, being one of the industrial cities, VET is crucial. Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education attaches special importance to planning and undertaking international activities. As an important transition corridor between Europe and Asia, Kocaeli is among the leading provinces contributing to the Turkish manufacturing industry’s production capacity. The city, which has a 13 per cent share of the manufacturing industry, is also home to approximately 2,300 major industrial investments.

Hasan Burçin

VET Coordinator

Fırat Arslan

EU Projects Coordination Centre

Volkan Alparslan

Senior Researcher

Volkan Özgör

Electronical Teacher, project expert

Based on the principle that industrialization should be harmonized in the context of “city-human-environment” and the philosophy of “livable environment and sustainable development”, the initiative to establish a Chemical Specialized Organized Industrial Zone was initiated in order to structure industrialization in a regular and healthy manner.

In this context, KOSDER (Association of Chemical Employers Organized Industrial Zones), which was formed by chemical industrialists, gained legal personality in 1998 and started its activities in order to establish an OIZ in Kocaeli – Gebze region.


Manager - Project Coordinator

Volkan ÇELİK

Junior researcher - Project assistant

Established under the name of GEBKİM Chemistry Specialized Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School it is a leading VET centre in raising the qualified workforce needed in the field of Traditional Chemistry, Process and Petro-Chemistry and various chemical-related industries in Turkey and has been included in the Schools Implementing Special Projects by the decision of the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey. Gebkim VET has a pilot production area of 1170 m2. In May 2021, Call: ERASMUS-EDU-2021-PEX-COVE EU Grants: Application form (ERASMUS BB and LS Type II): V1.0 – 25.02.2021 38 Gebkim VET accredited by Erasmus alongside with Gebkim NGO and Koruma Klor Alkali. The 2021 accreditation plan includes Gebkim VET’s participation in Industry 4.0 projects in collaboration with Europe’s leading industrial and academic actors, and study visits to Chemical focused companies.

Hakan Çelik


Yasemin Akyel




Elif Özcan


Curt Nicolin High school is a non-profit, so-called free school situated in Finspång, Sweden. The school is owned by the industrial companies in Finspång (51%) and the Municipality of Finspång (49%). Curt Nicolin High school is a part of the Teknik College in Östergötland, which is an Association of Industrial and Technical Centres in the region

Anders Södergren


Cecilia Stenhammar


Stefan Abrahamsson

Senior Researcher

Simumatik AB was born in 2018, and since then has been developing innovative software solutions that release the full potential of the cloud. To date, the company has grown to over 8 employees, made up of Programmers, Product Developers, Engineers and Marketing professionals. The team has deep knowledge and experience in core automation technologies and robotic applications. As a company, Simumatik has over 20 years of experience in developing virtual commissioning tools for industry and education. The headquarters are in the Science Park of Skövde, Sweden.

Mikel Ayani


Aron Hugoson

Modelling systems and component

Fabian Fasth

Educational content manager

Daniel Eriksson


Technical School Center Maribor has over 10 years of experience in cooperation with national and international projects. Our specific is that 40% of curricula are provided as in-company WBL and the teaching staff requirements demand up-to-date professional experience and knowledge from the field of work as well as pedagogical and pedagogical competencies. In doing so we ensure up-to-date theoretical training at the institution facility and then monitored and guided in-company placements with certified and qualified mentors. The result is that our graduates are 99% employed and cherished by employers as ready to work and act in contrast to their peer graduates from HE that are experiencing a growing number of young unemployed with a bachelor’s, master and even PhD. EQF level 5 is provided in our member institutions in various institutional synergies, some of them providing only EQF level 5, others also EQF levels 3 and 4 and then again some providing upgrades to EQF levels 6 and 7 and all that in public and private institutions.

Samo Čretnik


A professional association of Higher Vocational Colleges (HVCs) holds under its umbrella 49 members (98% of HVC institutions) all providing EQF level 5. They offer their programmes (35) in various locations across Slovenia to 99% of the national EQF level 5 student population. Our mission is to promote the HVCs in Slovenia and beyond its borders and to contribute to the progressive development of SCHE research area. Our members provide SCHE, contribute to the field of applied research and professional studies, and the development of local communities and regions.

Alicia Leonor Sauli Miklavčič

Secretary General

Miha Zimšek,

Head of Development

Natalija Klepej Gržanič

Project Officer

Nada Ban

Communications Officer

Branka Mulej

Project Officer

A recognized leader in applied research, Indigenous education, trades and technology training, Camosun brings almost fifty years of experience to the partnership. In the area of trades and technology, Camosun has served its community through an ever-changing, ever-responsive series of offerings ranging from automotive service and carpentry to welding and virtual reality, with a clear dedication to sustainable building practices, ecologically responsible manufacturing, and equitable hiring and training practices for women, racial minorities, new immigrants, and Indigenous workers. Camosun brings expertise in the integration of active pedagogies, applied research, capstone experiences, design thinking, student-centred learning, just-in-time teaching, micro-credentials, and work-integrated instruction. Camosun Innovates, the applied research unit for the college, provides access to Canada’s network of Technology Access Centres, specializing in knowledge transfer from business and industry to the college sector, as well as the classroom and lab to the shop floor. Likewise, Camosun Innovates provides students with a venue for knowledge creation as they solve real-world research and development problems for local, regional, national, and international clients. The college serves as a conduit for understanding between the world of learning and the world of work, allowing for the constant sharing of ideas and innovations in support of vocational education and workplace excellence.

Richard A. Gale

Project manager, senior researcher

Richard Burman

Education Lead

Matthew Zeleny

Applied Research Technologist

Heather Sproule