Turkish LCAMP Workshop Bridges Local Stakeholders to Vocational Excellence

On December 13, 2023, the LCAMP project took a significant stride forward as Turkish local stakeholders converged in a virtual space for a webinar co-hosted by Kocaeli Provincial Directorate of National Education (KPDoNE) and Kocaeli Gebze V (Chemical) Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (GEBKIM OIZ). With a dynamic participation of about 40 attendees, the event showcased the collaborative spirit driving the Horizon Europe Erasmus+ initiative.

The webinar, hosted by Gökberk Çelikel, lasted more than an hour, creating a platform for two distinguished guests, Sertaç Yerlikaya and Deniz Aygan, to share insights into relevant topics, their businesses as examples of good practices and future trends, followed by the presentation of LCAMP project by Hasan Burçin Menteş from KPDoNE. The engaging discourse included discussions on LCAMP Alliance, LCAMP Competence Framework, Open Innovation Community and Collaborative Learning Factory as well as skills, competences and the future of vocational excellence.

All interim and final outcomes of this project were presented with the aim of translating the efforts to useful and helpful topics from which not only the project members, but also all the local stakeholders can and will benefit from towards reaching their goals.