The LCAMP Skills Observatory: An Interview With Audrey Le Bras

A learner-centric skills observatory is one of the planned outcomes of LCAMP. We spoke with Audrey Le Bras, European project officer at CMQE Industrie du Future. CMQEiF , along with Mecanic Vallée, is an LCAMP partner leading the development of this outcome.

Tell us how you got involved in LCAMP…

CMQEIf was chosen by the French Ministry for Education to represent France along with Mecanic Vallée in this consortium. As an organisation that promotes training in Industry 4.0 it was an ideal partner for this future learning-centric advanced manufacturing platform. This allows the CMQE to go beyond the national scope to promote advanced manufacturing training internationally through strategic cooperation.

Tell us about the skills observatory….

The final outcome is to create an observatory dedicated to advanced manufacturing that will become the single point of reference for reliable monitoring of this sector. This tool will help learners get a better understanding of the existing technologies and training to build their own learning paths.

What are the challenges of learners?

Finding information related to advanced manufacturing can be challenging for learners. The information is dispersed between sources and/or poorly indexed online. Through the Observatory they will be able to easily find sources and information about training, technologies, jobs and skills related to advanced manufacturing in one place.

Tell us what makes LCAMP special…

To me, LCAMP is a large-scale cooperation project allowing synergy between international partners and highlighting vocational excellency. As a project manager with no prior experience in STEM, this project has been an opportunity for me to truly step out of my comfort zone and learn about advanced manufacturing and Industry 4.0. I consider myself lucky to be able to tackle this innovative challenge.

-Audrey Le Bras, European Project Manager, CMQEIf Occitanie