LCAMP cooperating with engineering students

On February 1st, six engineering students from IMT Mines Albi presented, within the framework of the 1st edition of the Salon Ingé Innov, LCAMP: Learner Centric Advanced Manufacturing Platform for CoVEs research on skills and trends on the Advanced Manufacturing sector that they have been carrying out since mid-September 2022 under the tutorship of Mecanic Vallée with the support of the CMQE INDUSTRIE DU FUTUR.

Advanced Manufacturing skills needed for the future and for the benefit of local SMEs

The six engineering students from IMT Mines Albi had to analyse the needs of SMEs in the advanced manufacturing sector, to define and to set up a technology watch system on the industry of the future to be prepared in conjunction with the interested parties. Companies in the first instance, but also training organisations, and learners, people in training (lifelong learning, upskilling and reskilling etc.), trainers and teachers. Then, students were asked to plan a functional specifications and a market analysis/study to consider the marketing of such a project such a project on the market.

Their work started in mid-September 2022 and it was introduced to LCAMP partners during Toulouse’s second partners meeting organised by Mecanic Vallée in January 2023

Thanks to their researcher, students supported Mecanic Vallée to identify the skills and trends needed to complete the future LCAMP Skills Observatory, as defining the current skills trends and gaps within the sector is necessary.

About Salon Ingé Innov

The format of the fair was composed of 24 presentation stands to exchange with students and project leaders around prototypes, a pitch area to discover the entrepreneurship projects, and a presentation of research results in the form of posters. In the presence of innovation support organisations: ADEME, Pôle Eco-Conception, JIMA (Junior Enterprise IMT Mines Albi), BPIfrance…

LCAMP partnership would like to thank the students involved in this project:

  • Bescond Marie: Responsable Marketing
  • Bredel Jimmy: Responsable Design
  • Bouchez Emma: Coordinatrice du projet
  • Galzin Yann: Responsable Bibliographie
  • Maigret Manon: Responsable Transition écologique et sociale
  • Ramz Yassir: Responsable Financier