Let’s talk with… Karlos Etxaniz Suinaga (Advanced Manufacturing Learner)

Karlos Etxaniz Suinaga is an Advanced Manufacturing student at the VET Centre, Miguel Altuna (Bergara, Basque Country). He was unemployed while he was looking for a job he was informed about the sector alternatives. He found it very interesting and decided to join this new career path.  Karlos’s main goal to join an Advanced Manufacturing course was to learn and understand the concepts related to Industry 4.0. The Miguel Altuna VET Centre is offering the training that Karlos was looking for. The VET Centre offers academic programmes that are addressed to students to be employed in the AM-related Sectors. A wide range of technological offers is available at Miguel Altuna, updated to the current needs of the industry, with cutting-edge technology, including the integration of Cyber-Physical Systems, digitalized shop floors and labs, and other Industry 4.0 related pieces of equipment. In the future Karlos sees himself:
In the future I would like to be able to apply the acquired skills, if I have a job that demands it. Therefore, I would like to be able to work in the industrial sector and thanks to this training I hope to get some opportunities. Moreover, in the next 5 years I see myself working in a company and helping it to move forward on this path towards Industry 4.0. “
Karlos considers that for VET Centres, such as Miguel Altuna, to participate in EU-funded partnership, such as LCAMP or other Centres of Vocational Excellence, is a gateway to stay connected to the latest developments in the industrial sector. About “People in focus” In this section, we put forward the human-centric approach to the LCAMP project. Through talks with industry representatives, learners, teachers & trainers, academics & researchers and public authorities – local, regional and European levels-, we will discuss the Advanced Manufacturing sector’s future from their perspectives.