French Advanced Manufacturing stakeholders connect with LCAMP

On 19 October 2023, LCAMP partners Campus des Métiers et des Qualifications d’excellence Industrie du futur (CMQ) et Mécanic Vallée (MV) organised the first Local Stakeholders Regional Event at the SIANE fair (Toulouse). The conference aimed to connect with regional advanced manufacturing stakeholders.

How does LCAMP support industry 4.0, its efficiency and its green transition on a European scale

Industrials, members of the Mecanic Vallée business cluster, institutions, academic personnel, etc. responded to the invitation from the CMQ and MV. In total, more than twenty people attended the conference. 

This meeting gave the partners an opportunity to present the LCAMP project to newcomers, to give a progress report on the project to members already involved, and to discuss the status of play of the advanced manufacturing skills and jobs sector in France. This last discussion is essential to build the future Skills and Jobs Observatory.

The SIANE fair is dedicated to industry gathering industrials, purchasers, institutions, VET centers, etc. It is considered a major industrial fair in the south of France for meetings and trade. This fair is a place to meet and exchange ideas. It aims to be a lever for innovation and industrial growth. LCAMP French partners had the opportunity to introduce and connect with the fair attendees widen the LCAMP scope.

Staying in touch with partners and welcoming new ones is key to the project’s success.