The Strategic Plan for the LCAMP Alliance is now available

LCAMP partners are pleased to have completed the first deliverable for WP2 – the LCAMP Alliance. The Strategic Plan sets out the premises, challenges, opportunities and vision for the LCAMP Alliance. The Alliance will be the permanent structure that ensures that LCAMP is not only a European project with a finite life. Rather, it will build on the concrete partnerships developed throughout the project by inviting VET centres, research centres, Universites of Applied sciences; Advanced Manufacturing Businesses and SMEs; Policymakers and International Organisations related to Advanced Manufacturing and VET to join a legal structure under Belgian law. 

The LCAMP Alliance will offer solutions to:

  • Underestimation of VET capacity
  • Diversity of European VET system
  • Lack of awareness of the role of VET in S3 strategies
  • Inflexibility of VET
  • Adaptation of VET to the Twin Transition
  • Lack of integration of soft skills into VET systems
  • Underdeveloped CoVEs connections

It will do this by proposing the continuation of LCAMP’s core services, ultimately integrated into the LCAMP platform.

You can read the strategic plan here.