Curt Nicolin High School connects with local companies

On 7 May 2024, Curt Nicolin High School hosted an LCAMP Stakeholder event in Finspång, Sweden. This session aimed at showcasing the objectives of LCAMP and inviting local SMEs and bigger companies to join hands in our journey towards innovation and collaboration.

The event served as a platform to introduce LCAMP and its mission through a compelling film and an informative presentation, gathered 29 participants representing various businesses and industries in the region.

The participants were not only introduced to the essence of LCAMP but were also encouraged to become involved in the project as part of the LCAMP Alliance. Their engagement is crucial for the success and sustainability of LCAMP, as we aim to foster a network of collaboration and innovation.

Following the presentation, attendees were given a guided tour of our school, providing them with a first-hand look at the facilities. This interactive session allowed stakeholders to envision potential opportunities for collaboration and discussions.

The evening concluded with a dinner, offering the participants an opportunity to network and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere.

“We are filled with gratitude for the participation of our potential stakeholders and we hope some are interested in joining the LCAMP Alliance”, stated Curt Nicolin High School representatives.